Weekend Reading 4.26.20

Hello friends, happy Sunday to you all. I’ve had a slow weekend, but is there such thing as a weekend anymore? It’s day 42 for us here in the Bay Area. I feel as if there are people out there that are close to cracking. They’re feeling anxious about the uncertainty of the world and a little crazy being cooped up indoors so this is a time when we need to take pressure off of ourselves.

So what if we’re not being productive, so what if we’re not learning that new language or instrument or writing that book or whatever lofty plans we may have had a month ago. What if we just show ourselves kindness and compassion and approach this one day at a time. Let’s all just give ourselves permission to take care of our mental health first, whatever that means. Sleep in. Live in your pajamas. Spend a few hours tucked away reading a new book. Let’s listen to our bodies more and the news less. Let’s remove any pressure we may be placing on ourselves to do or be something we’re not feeling at the moment.

Yesterday I took most of the day to do just that, to sit in the sun, read, and just be alone with my thoughts, with no pressure to be or do anything. Today I was more energized so I started working on a small garden patio project. I find getting my hands dirty with soil and planting in pots so therapeutic. Planting is what I’m doing today to feel better. My friends, do whatever you need to do today and this week to make it through.

Favorite links from the week:

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Perspective: indoor plants can keep you sane.

Take care of yourselves! Sharing my little patio makeover next. 🙂

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Author: Marisela Ferrell

My name is Marisela Ferrell and I'm a native of Round Rock, Texas. I work as a content writer, at a large organisation which includes staircase manufacturer Pear Stairs, multiple builders' merchant branches and several online stores selling DIY, home improvement and gardening products under the brand name Wonkee Donkee. I hope you guys enjoy reading my articles as much I enjoy writing them.

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